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Arber Sefa is a self-taught photographer born in Kosovo and based in Belgium.

His work consists mostly of fine-art, fashion and self-portraiture, marked with a bold interplay between black and white and the theatricality which plays

an important role in his creation process. 

In 2017, Arber graduated in Dramatic Arts at RITCS (The Royal Institute for Theater, Cinema and Sound) in Brussels, where he essentially explored personal storytelling through Performance Art. 

He draws the viewer in, suggesting a story, a tale that we only witness through

the performance of the subject taking center stage. It is as though each is showing

their inner self through an act.

Guided by empathy, intuition and vision, he sheds a light on his subjects capturing

a hint of loneliness, a flash of madness, total otherworldliness while creating a timeless and obscure universe.



BBA Gallery Berlin, Berlin Photo Week, FOMU Antwerp, Bruges Photo festival, Ph21 gallery Budapest, Onboards Biennale Antwerp, Louvre Museum (Digital display / SeeMe) a.o.


Sabato, Bloomberg, La Pointe, The Independent Photo, Musée Magazine, RTBF,

Fucking Young! NASTY Magazine, Schön Magazine a.o.


BBA Awards. Berlin, 2022


7th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards. London, 2021


For enquiries / collaborations / portfolio, please send a mail to


Available for commissions worldwide.


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