Arber Sefa is a self-taught photographer born in Kosovo and raised in Belgium where he's currently based.

He first got in contact with photography during his Acting Studies in high school at the Art Academy of Bruges. There were pictures hanging on the wall of masters in Photography such as Man Ray, Edward Steichen etc. which strongly appealed to him. Ever since he started exploring photography and continued developing photographic work during and after his theater studies, mainly focusing on fine-art, fashion and self-portraiture.

In 2017, Arber graduated in Dramatic Arts at RITCS (The Royal Institute for Theater, Cinema and Sound) in Brussels, where he essentially explored personal storytelling through Performance Art.


His photographs have been shown at the FOMU Antwerp, Bruges Photo festival, Ph21 gallery in Budapest, Onboards Biennale Antwerp, TEDxTirana event 'Naked', the Louvre Museum (The portraiture collection, 5th annual exposure award, SeeMe) and published by Schon Magazine, Fucking Young, Bloomberg, The Independent Photo a.o.


in the 7th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards, 2021

Guided by intuition and empathy, his aim is to create an honest, obscure and timeless universe through portraiture.


For enquiries / collaborations, please send a mail to